WND in the News: Asheville Citizen Times features 'Wendy's Cancer Warriors'

WND in the News: Asheville Citizen Times features 'Wendy's Cancer Warriors'

Wendy and the 'Wendy's Cancer Warriors' project are featured in the Asheville Citizen-Times today in a beautiful article written by Karen Chávez. The story talks about several of Wendy's warriors as well as Wendy's own battles with the disease.


It’s in helping women who have been to hell see ourselves through a different lens, through our own lens. Her kindness and empathy and wisdom helps us to reject others’ notions of what pretty means and how we should feel, discard society’s pity or indifference or ignorance.

To push out of our comfort zone when we’ve been used to hiding, and skip through the woods to help us to find some shred of our lost lives, and to find our own pretty.

I don't know if I feel like a warrior, but I'm honored to be part of Wendy's club.

Tammy Gregg

We’re all really beautiful. I’m an average person who learned how to make myself and others look pretty with a camera. But I try to look beyond the beauty and really find someone’s spirit. I think that’s my specialty, capturing that spirit.

Wendy Newman

A special thank you to the Asheville Citizen-Times for the heartwarming piece. 

To read the whole article pick up a copy of the Asheville Citizen-Times or click here to be redirected to the Citizen-Times website to view the online version. 

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