3D Kaleidoscoptic Designs

When Wendy was at the Dali Museum in Spain, the director approached her and asked her about the clothing she was wearing.  In very broken English she kept saying how similar Wendy's work was to Dali's 3D exhibit. She recognized it immediately, even thought Wendy had no idea what she was talking about. 

It wasn't until Wendy returned home and her 24 year old son Will, took her into a downtown Asheville head shop and showed her a piece of fabric on a wall labeled 3D tapestry, and told her to put on the glasses on the counter, that Wendy fully understood her work was all 3D.

The multi layering of the kaleidoscoptic with light and texture had created the dynamic dimension to the fabric and art when viewed with the special glasses which are provided with all scarves and umbrellas.

If you ever have a chance to attend a WND fashion show, be sure and go, the show at the AC Hotel in downtown Asheville was the first crossover art/fashion show and raised money for Arts For Life, providing art for children going through cancer treatments. A fun treat for the eyes and a totally new new art concept idea. 

Asheville Imagined

Fashion and Photography by Wendy Newman Designs

Wendy Newman Designs 3D Design
Wendy Newman Designs 3D Design

Enjoying the show through her 3d glasses.

Wendy Newman Designs umbrellas were the art display.

Wendy Newman Designs 3D Design
Wendy Newman Designs 3D Design

Wendy and friends.