Intriguing, imaginative, and unique mandala designs that inspire joyful expression, celebrate love of place and travel, and happy, healthy, holistic living.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Collection
For the Hot Air Balloon Enthusiast and anyone who loves color, exquisite quality.
Mandala Leggings

Did you know that black and solid color leggings actually show every lump and bump, where as patterned leggings camouflage everything. 


The ever popular kimono has become a fashion necessity from the bedroom to exercise and lunch to even a night out.  


It was when my photographs fell onto the fabric that I realized it was "Art To Wear."

Wendy's Cancer Warriors

WLOS "Person Of The Year" finalist for her work Photographing terminally ill children. "It's one big reason I get out of bed in the morning, and our work at WND supports hundreds of Wendy's Cancer Warriors."