Wendy's Cancer Warriors

Cancer Warriors

Wendy's Cancer Warriors

Wendy’s Cancer Warriors began about 9 years ago when a high school girlfriend that I remain in contact with had breast cancer and was telling me how she felt she lost her femininity. I told her that with a very simple photo shoot I could show her differently and that breasts had nothing to do with her femininity. So we got her hair and nails done, put her in some beautiful clothes, did a photo shoot, and that is how Wendy’s Cancer Warriors was birthed.

Mission Hospital heard of my community outreach and called me one day and asked if I would be willing to photograph a family who needed pictures of their terminally ill child. I went on to photograph three children that same week. I provide the photoshoot with all the photographs to these parents, sometimes that’s all they have left, at absolutely no cost to them.

Since then I have photographed close to a hundred Cancer Warriors, including my own husband. This is a tough battle for everyone concerned and if my photography can bring some joy and happiness at such a devastating time in the lives of these people; I am always willing to do this as long as I can hold that camera. I have also had two other photographers join the Cancer Warrior Team as we expanded our outreach to Florida.

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Wendy's Cancer Warriors

Wendy offers a uniquely magical experience for individuals and families by proving free photoshoots for those battling cancer. Wendy hopes this serves as both a momentary escape for families and individuals as well as creating extraordinary family heirloom photos that can be cherished eternally. 

This project has been featured by multiple news outlets and publications including The Citizen Times and WLOS.