WND in the News: Wendy is Asheville's "Person of the Week"

WND in the News: Wendy is Asheville's

Over six years ago, Wendy began providing photo shoots to individuals and families battling cancer with the project she calls Wendy's Cancer Warriors. This week Wendy was named Asheville's "Person on the Week" by local news station, WLOS, for her work with these cancer patients and survivors. 

For Wendy Newman's Cancer Warriors, the free photo shoots are a chance to feel beautiful again and a welcome distraction from their disease. 

- John Le

Wendy says that capturing these moments are just as much a gift to her as it is to the ones she photographs. Being able to help provide beautiful moments in what is often a dark time for many is a humbling honor. 

It would be great if every day could be picture perfect, but even in an imperfect world, Newman sees the light in every subject.


A special thanks for WLOS and John Le for the story. To find out more about Wendy's Cancer Warriors click here to be directed to the Facebook page.

Click here to read the whole story on the WLOS website.

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