Unveiling the Magic

Unveiling the Magic

Hello, art enthusiasts!

3D magic Wendy Newman Designs

We're beyond excited to share a truly mesmerizing project that's been brewing behind the scenes. As many of you know, there's an extraordinary charm when clients discover that the art they're admiring is not just a photograph but a stunning piece of three-dimensional craftsmanship. Today, we're thrilled to unveil a labor of love – a unique umbrella adorned with over 100 Chihuly glass sculpture photographs, transformed into intricate, multilayered mandalas.

Saturnalia silk scarf

The Artistic Journey:

The journey began with an extensive exploration of Chihuly's breathtaking glass sculptures, each photograph capturing the essence of the intricate details and vibrant colors. Over a hundred carefully curated images became the building blocks for a project that would transcend the conventional boundaries of art.

Enter the umbrella – a canvas that would host the convergence of these stunning photographs. With meticulous precision, each layer of the mandalas was crafted and collaged onto both sides of the umbrella. What emerged was a breathtaking fusion of Chihuly's masterpieces, creating a dynamic, 3D visual experience.

The 300-Hour Masterpiece:

Art is not rushed; it's a journey. This particular journey took a staggering 300 hours to complete. The dedication poured into every detail reflects not just a project but a labor of passion and commitment to transforming a vision into a tangible, wearable form of art.

Classicality  Reverse Umbrella

Wearable Art, Anywhere:

The beauty of this project lies not just in its visual appeal but in its functionality. This wearable masterpiece allows art aficionados to carry a piece of their favorite Chihuly glass sculptures wherever they go. Rain or shine, this umbrella is a testament to the seamless integration of art into everyday life.

Beyond the Umbrella: The Scarf:

But wait, there's more! Explore the enchanting world of wearable art with our accompanying scarf. Crafted from the same collection of Chihuly glass sculpture photographs, this scarf is a perfect complement to the umbrella, allowing you to embrace the art in different forms.

In Conclusion:

We invite you to witness the magic for yourself. Whether you're drawn to the exquisite details of Chihuly's glass sculptures, the mesmerizing mandalas, or the dedication embedded in every hour spent crafting this masterpiece, there's something truly special about this wearable art.

So, grab your umbrella, wrap yourself in the scarf, and step into a world where art isn't confined to gallery walls – it's a vibrant, dynamic part of your everyday life.

Discover the beauty. Embrace the art.

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