Perk Up Your Seasonal Gear with These Caffeinated Combos: Coffee Yoga Leggings, Coffee Kimono & More

coffee kimono and leggings

High-quality ingredients with perfectly roasted beans, a rich and consistent smooth flavor, and the best brewing recipe with a fresh and appealing sweet and savory selection are what make a great cup of coffee. A good cup of Joe carrying the right amount of acidity with a delectable aftertaste is nothing short of a vendetta for a bad day.

After reading the above description, isn’t it obvious that we love coffee? Since you have stuck with this blog for this long, chances are you are a caffeine admirer too! However, we won’t be talking about how to brew a perfect cup or sharing recipes in this blog. This one is all about wearing the coffee inspiration!

Our latest coffee collection is about celebrating the zest and pizzazz a morning cup has to offer. With our collection flaunting some quirky prints and impressive prints with coffee yoga leggings and more, our stylists at Wendy Newman Designs have shared some amazing tips to perk up your daily outfit with some coffee inspiration.



Whether you are going to catch a brunch with your friends or go for a museum date, this cappuccino mandala kimono robe will make sure to keep you looking your best. The knit bamboo fabric trim and matching chiffon belt come in three lightweight fabric choices- silky-knit, woven chiffon fabric, and peach skin soft jersey fabric, the classy cut with the length just right are all you need to perk up your outfit. Wear it with sheer leggings, neutral-toned high heels combined with a clutch for a date night, or flaunt a plain black or brown skinny jeans, leather pants, or leggings for some casual day fun.


The mocha coffee yoga leggings are all about the strong coffee flavor with the delicious dose of chocolate. Be it a morning yoga class or a girls' day out, this legging is all you need to get your chic on. Pair it with a pastel-hued plain light-colored t-shirt for lounging vibes, tie your shirt over it for a cute yet funky look or flaunt a fitted black tank top for something bold yet comfy. Accessorize your way as per the occasion and your mood.


Italian for “marked” or “spotted”, the Machhiato coffee yoga capris carry the lightness of the milky foam with the prominent java hue. Pair it with a feather knit relaxed top, a fitted v-neck tee, or a tank top, or combine an olive green top with a plain blazer for something chic and classic. For shoes, you can wear laced shoes, sporty keds, or even loafers.


There won’t be a dull outfit day with this exquisite latte coffee scarf. Flaunt an all-white outfit with this funky coffee scarf or perk up your daytime fashion with your day dress and this scarf.

Although there is nothing right and wrong and there are endless possibilities to explore the “right” fashion with this coffee combo, these are the top four recommendations from our experts. So, do you feel ready to add some caffeine delight to your wardrobe? Explore and have endless fun with our freshly brewed coffee collection!

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