Discover Milan Through Wendy Newman Designs: Kimonos and Custom Photo Luxury Umbrellas

Discover Milan Through Wendy Newman Designs: Kimonos and Custom Photo Luxury Umbrellas

When it comes to bringing the essence of travel and fashion together, Wendy Newman Designs transcends the ordinary, offering an exquisite journey wrapped in luxury and creativity. Through our unique Milan World Tour Kimono and custom-made photo luxury umbrellas, we've turned functional fashion into a canvas for expression. For those with a discerning taste for artistry and a yearning to carry the spirit of Milan with them, our collection is a tribute to the adventure and sophistication that this Italian fashion capital exudes.

Embark on a Fashion Journey with the Milan World Tour Kimono:

Milan is not just a city; it's a world of its own - a hub for fashion enthusiasts that commands elegance with every street corner turned runway. Wendy Newman Designs captures this essence in the Milan World Tour Kimono. Each kimono is a masterpiece, featuring vibrant scenes from Milan, enveloping you in the luxurious touch of carefully selected fabrics. The fluidity of its fabric mirrors the dynamic streets of Milan, ensuring that you carry the vibe of Italy's most fashionable city wherever you go. 

How to Buy Custom Photo Luxury Umbrellas:

Beyond the kimonos, Wendy Newman Designs offers an exclusive chance to create your own narrative with the sky as your limit with our custom photo luxury umbrellas. These are not just umbrellas; they are personal statements, a way to make your mark on gloomy weather days or shield yourself in style from the summer sun. Here's how you can own a piece of this luxury:

Select Your Photo: Choose a photo that resonates with your personal story or aesthetic appeal. Whether it's a memory from your travels, a snapshot of your favorite artwork, or a simple moment captured that speaks to you, we'll turn it into your personal shield against the elements.

Customize Your Umbrella: With our online customization tool, you can visualize how your photo will look on the umbrella. Adjust your design to suit your taste, add text or choose the colors that you wish to highlight, ensuring every detail is just as you envision.

Place Your Order: Once you're satisfied with your custom design, place your order with us. Our team at Wendy Newman Designs will craft your luxury umbrella with the highest quality materials and send it out to you, ready to turn heads.

Why Choose Wendy Newman Designs?

Wendy Newman Designs is dedicated to offering not just apparel and accessories but a slice of the world through wearable art. By infusing fashion with photographs, each piece tells a story, your story, with an unmatched elegance. We believe in sustainability, quality, and the beauty of customization, allowing you to indulge in luxury that speaks volumes about who you are and the experiences you cherish.


Fashion is an adventure, an exploration of your personal style and the stories you carry with you. With Wendy Newman Designs' Milan World Tour Kimono and custom photo luxury umbrellas, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing to make a statement. A statement that is as exclusive and individual as you are. Visit us to explore how you can redefine your wardrobe with our artistic and luxurious collections.

Be it rain or shine, in the bustling streets of Milan or the comfort of your hometown, Wendy Newman Designs ensures that you do more than just wear an accessory; you wear a memory, a piece of art, and a story worth telling.

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